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Diana PIK
Kentucky | Breed: Mix Rottweiler Puppies

They provide a great service

They provide a great service, and although the puppies are a little expensive the service you get from is above and beyond. I’m very satisfied with their service.

Teri Mani
California | Breed: Male Rottweiler Puppies

My experience was great

My experience was great (except for the delay at the airport). My puppy is amazing. When I picked her up at the airport I expected her to be a bit traumatized but she was so sweet and played right away. So well-adjusted. She learns fast and is ahead of the test in her puppy training class!

Brad Kelvin
Maryland | Breed: Male Rottweiler Puppies

Our new puppy arrived a few hours earlier than estimated

We had a great experience with Rottweiler puppies near me. Regular flow of info and updates. Always responsive to our chat questions. Our new puppy arrived a few hours earlier than estimated which made our morning happier. Our puppy was happy and playful immediately, indicating that her journey was easy on her. This was our first experience with lovely Rottweiler puppies for sale and we’d highly recommend them to others.

Rafael Jean
Idaho | Breed:

I Found My Perfect Companion

From the moment I started browsing their website, it was evident that prioritizes the well-being of their puppies. The detailed profiles, accompanied by adorable pictures, helped me make an informed decision.

Elsie Kayler
Arkansas | Breed: Mix Rottweiler Puppies

I’m completely in love with my puppy

I’m completely in love with my puppy Dami. I’m so glad I chose and their service was great. I couldn’t have code a better place for my first puppy. Thank you so much.