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You are the one that I have been looking for. Let me introduce myself; I am pleased to meet my new fur-ever family. I have heard a lot about how kind and loving my new family will be and I just can’t wait to get to them. I really hope it’s you because you seem to be everything I want. I’m cuddly, and friendly, and have even been to the vet who says that I am healthy and ready to go! I really hope that you call me soon because you are everything that I have been dreaming of.


American vs german rottweiler

Rottweilers are a popular breed of dog known for their loyalty and protective nature. However, there are two distinct variations of the breed – the American vs german rottweiler. In this article, we’ll compare the differences between the American Rottweiler and the German Rottweiler.


One of the most noticeable differences between the American and German Rottweiler is their appearance. American Rottweilers are typically larger and more muscular than their German counterparts. They have a broader head and chest, and their bodies are more robust. German Rottweilers are slightly smaller, with a leaner, more streamlined appearance.

Another key difference is their coat. American Rottweilers have a shorter coat, whereas German Rottweilers have a thicker, longer coat. German Rottweilers also have more defined tan markings on their face and legs, whereas American Rottweilers have a more uniform black and tan coloration.


Both the American and German Rottweilers are known for their loyal and protective nature. However, there are some differences in their temperament. American Rottweilers are generally more confident and outgoing than their German counterparts. They are also more independent and can be harder to train.

German Rottweilers, on the other hand, are more obedient and easy to train. They are known for their calm and balanced temperament, making them great family pets. German Rottweilers also have a strong protective instinct and are more reserved towards strangers than American Rottweilers.


Both the American and German Rottweilers are susceptible to certain health conditions. However, due to differences in breeding standards, there are some differences in the health of the two breeds. American Rottweilers are more prone to obesity, heart disease, and certain cancers. This is because they are bred for their size and muscularity, which can put a strain on their heart and joints.

German Rottweilers, on the other hand, are bred for their health and working ability. They are less prone to obesity and heart disease but are more susceptible to hip dysplasia and other joint problems.

Training and Exercise

Training and exercise requirements are also important factors to consider when comparing American and German Rottweilers. American Rottweilers require a lot of exercises to maintain their muscular physique, and they can be harder to train due to their independence.

German Rottweilers, on the other hand, are easier to train and require less exercise. They were originally bred as working dogs, so they have a strong desire to please their owners and perform tasks. However, they still require regular exercise to maintain their health and happiness.


In conclusion, there are some key differences between American and German Rottweilers. American Rottweilers are larger and more muscular, with a shorter coat and more confident temperament. German Rottweilers are leaner, with a thicker coat and a calmer, more obedient temperament. They also have fewer health problems and are easier to train. When choosing a Rottweiler, it’s important to consider your lifestyle and the traits that are most important to you in a pet.

American vs german rottweiler