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Hello! My name is Becky and I am the wild one of the bunch. I love running and playing! After I tire out, I like to cuddle up and go to sleep. I am looking forward to going to my new home. Am I your future family member? I like to be held, but I also like to follow you everywhere! I’m cuddly, and friendly, and have even been to the vet who says that I am healthy and ready to go! I really hope that you call me soon because you are everything that I have been dreaming of.


black rottweiler

While Rottweilers are traditionally known for their black and tan coat, there is no such thing as a “black Rottweiler”. However, there are some Rottweilers that may have a darker coat or appear to be almost black in color. This can be due to variations in their genes, which can influence the color and pattern of their coat. These darker-coated Rottweilers may have a slightly different appearance than the more typical Rottweiler, but they are still considered to be purebred Rottweilers.

It is important to note that when looking for a Rottweiler, it is best to find a reputable breeder who follows ethical breeding practices and focuses on producing healthy, well-tempered Rottweilers rather than just the appearance of their coat.


As wonderful as Rottweilers can be, they aren’t the dog for everyone. You must not only be dedicated to training and socializing your Rottie, you must also deal with people who don’t understand the breed and pre-judge it. Because of bad or tragic experiences with Rottweilers or other large breeds, some cities have banned the breed. It’s unfair to judge an entire breed by the actions of a few, but it’s a reality you will have to deal with if you own a Rottweiler.

You can do your part to redeem the reputation of the breed by training your Rottweiler to obey and respect people. Most important, don’t put your Rottie in the backyard and forget about him. This is a dog who is loyal to his people and wants to be with them. If you give him the guidance and structure he needs, you’ll be rewarded with one of the finest companions in the world.

Rottweilers love people and want to be with their families. If they are left alone for long periods of time or don’t receive adequate exercise, they may become destructive.


black rottweiler