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I was going to keep Nox which is why I had her an extra month and never advertised her :(. I can’t keep her now but she is my favorite puppy in the litter and she has the coolest fur-ever. She is so loving and sweet just like her mom. You’re kind of lucky tbh cause this was my favorite and from the litter and she is one of the last 2 left.


german rottweiler puppies for sale

german rottweiler puppies for sale are Rottweiler puppies that are bred in Germany or from German Rottweiler bloodlines. Rottweilers are a breed that originated in Germany, so German Rottweilers are often highly sought after due to their reputation for strong working ability and excellent temperament.

When looking for German Rottweiler puppies, it is important to find a reputable breeder who follows ethical breeding practices and focuses on producing healthy, well-tempered puppies.

This can help to ensure that the puppies have the best possible start, in life and are more likely to grow up to be healthy and well-adjusted adult dogs.

It is also important to do your research and make sure that a Rottweiler is the right breed for you and your lifestyle. Rottweilers are a large and powerful breed that require a lot of exercise and socialization, as well as a firm and consistent training approach.

If you are prepared for the responsibility of owning a Rottweiler, a German Rottweiler puppy from a reputable breeder can make a great addition to your family.


Rottweilers love people and want to be with their families. If they are left alone for long periods of time or don’t receive adequate exercise, they may become destructive.

If raised with children, well-bred Rottweilers get along fine with them. They must be taught, however, what is acceptable behavior with children. Rotties have a natural instinct to herd and may “bump” children to herd them.

Because of their size, this “bump” may cause toddlers to fall down and injure themselves. In addition, some Rottweilers have a strong prey drive and may get overly excited when children run and play. Always supervise your Rottweiler when he’s around children.

If you have an adult Rottweiler, introduce new animals, especially dogs, carefully. Rottweilers can be aggressive toward strange dogs, particularly those of the same sex. Under your leadership, however, your Rottie will probably learn to coexist peacefully with his new companion.

german rottweiler puppies for sale